Genetic Privacy

Spearheaded the successful effort to pass legislation extending genetic privacy, as well as separate legislation granting professional licensure for genetic counselors.

Prohibiting For-Profit Adoptions

Brought a bill that reinstated a prohibition on for-profit adoption placements in Massachusetts from concept language to the Governor’s desk in less than two months time at the end of the legislative session. 


Copy of Legislation on Back Wages

Wage Act Reform

Helped sign into law legislation to reform the Wage Act in Massachusetts, which grants employees mandatory treble damages for an employer’s failure to pay wages.


PA Supervision

Secured a change in the law to allow physicians to supervise additional physician assistants.


Reducing High School DropOuts 

Represented Oíste, the Massachusetts Latino Political Organization, in its effort to create a comprehensive government affairs agenda for the Latino community. Through this partnership, we were successful in passing legislation to reduce dropout rates.

oral Health Legislation

Against great odds, achieved passage of landmark oral health legislation granting dental hygienists the right to practice (as well as bill for services) in public health settings without the supervision of a dentist.



Debt Collection Exemptions

On behalf of the National Consumer Law Center, achieved passage of legislation updating and modernizing the statute pertaining to items exempt under debt collection.

Autism healthcare 

Helped pass legislation in coalition with other groups requiring insurance companies to cover services to children on the autism spectrum.


Bottle Bill

Helped achieve passage, on behalf of the Sierra Club, of an updated Bottle Bill in the Massachusetts Senate, the first time the bill has successfully advanced in any one branch in the last 15 years.

Copy of An Act Relative to Physician Services Provided by Physician Assistants


Achieved a milestone for our client, the Massachusetts Association of Physician Assistants, by securing passage of the most positive changes made to the statutes governing PAs since the adoption of prescriptive practices two decades prior.



Worker Protections

Led a successful effort to pass into law new protections for workers who make minimum wage and overtime, ensuring that these vulnerable workers are able to adequately recover any back wages they are owed.

Homeless Youth Services

Copy of Legislation on the Continuum of Services for Homeless Youth

Spearheaded passage of a law for the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, which sets up a continuum of services for homeless youth, a perpetually underserved and under-acknowledged population in the Commonwealth.

Parental Leave Legislation

Assisted in the last hours of the 2013-2014 legislative session in the passage of parental leave legislation, a law which makes parental leave gender-neutral, ensuring that all families, including non-traditional families, are able to appropriately care for their children after birth, while not having to worry about losing their jobs by taking this leave.


Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Lead lobbyist for the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act which the Governor signed into law July 2017. This legislation codifies employers’ obligation to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy and prohibits discrimination against pregnant workers, thereby increasing the likelihood that women will be able to work safely throughout their pregnancy and return to work.

Gov. Baker signing the Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK) bill into law in November 2017.

Gov. Baker signing the Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK) bill into law in November 2017.

Look Bill

Along with the Massachusetts Language Opportunity Coalition, we accomplished another success when the Governor enacted the Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK) bill. The resulting bill greatly expands options for English learners in the Commonwealth’s public schools and creating a new Seal of Biliteracy that will help students compete in the global economy.


Pooled trusts for seniors

Achieved passage of language in the House and Senate Health Care Cost Containment Bills to preserve disability pooled trusts for seniors.

Protections for immigrants

Secured passage of important protections for immigrants in the Senate budget that would help to reduce current, widespread fear of law enforcement.


Lifting the cap on kids

Secured the passage of legislation, via an override, that lifted the family cap on welfare benefits, allowing families to receive additional aid following the birth of another child.


Senate President Karen Spilka (left), Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo (right) and other legislators celebrate lifting the cap on kids

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