Lobby Day: Lifting Kids Out of Deep Poverty

juLy 16, 2019

Hearing before the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities

10:00am State House Room B-1

Following the Public Hearing on S.36/H.102, we will meet in the Conference Room adjacent to Room 208 to lobby the legislature to move the bill quickly this session.

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Lobbying Tips:

  • Be specific! Asking for “support” from a legislator is vague. Ask about concrete actions they plan to take in regards to the bill. Ex: “Will you vote in favor of the bill when it is on the floor?” “How do you plan to pass this legislation?”

  • Be clear in your descriptions of the legislation. Your bill may include industry specific language the legislator may not be familiar with, if so use layman’s term when talking about the details of the legislation.

  • Make it personal. Emphasize why the bill is personally important to you, and your community. If possible include personal stories or anecdotes.